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Wild River Tackle Tek™ Solar Panel Charger

Wild River Tackle Tek

  • The Wild River Tackle Tek™ Solar Panel Charger is designed to seemlessly fit and attached to the Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP™ Solar Backpack. However, with its set of hanger and self contained battery, the Solar panel still offers a offers a portable USB solar energy charging system to take with you in the field. 

    The solar panel will extend the capacity of the 5000mAh Wild River USB power supply (sold with the backpack) for those prolonged adventures or any other power supply model with a mini USB input.  

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Includes 1 mini USB output to attach to your power storage device. 

    Solar panel is removable from the Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP™ Solar Backpack and may be attached to other packs with appropriate clips and connectors.

    Input: 3 Watt / 6 Volt Monocrystalline solar panel captures solar energy via solar panel;

    Output: 3 Watt / 6 Volt open circuit with Micro USB cable to attache to battery pack (not included)

    Clip mounting feature for seamless integration to Wild River® Nomad XP Backpack. Designed to trickle charge the Nomad XP battery pack in 12 – 15 hours with direct sunlight depending also on daylight time and/or geographic conditions.

    Web tabs on sides for additional mounting options.

    Backpack, phone and Power Supply not included.

     Dimensions:8" L x 6.5" W x 0.5" H

    Weight:0.5 lbs