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WakaWaka Power+ Portable Solar Recharger

Waka Waka

  • In its efforts to provide sustainable solutions for the 1.3 billion people living at the base of the population pyramid and primarily off-grid, Off Grid Solutions (OGS) produces the WakaWaka Power+ Portable Solar Recharger. Every WakaWaka product purchased helps bring light to the 1.2 billion around the world who live without electricity.

    The Power+ Portable Solar Recharger is a sturdy, highly efficient and sustainable solar-powered recharger/LED lamp combination that provides up to 150 hours (energy save setting) of safe and sustainable power and light.

    Every WakaWaka product purchased helps bring light to millions around the world who live without electricity. WakaWaka (which means 'Shine Bright' in Swahili) develops, manufactures and markets high-tech low-cost solar powered lamps and re-chargers that are indispensable products both in the developing world and in developed markets.

    Innovative and super efficient products for those that desire the finest in technology and design, while 'enlightening' people at the base of the pyramid, ending the deadly kerosene-dependence of millions of families. It has been found that replacing kerosene lamps with off-grid solar powered products saves money, results in better school grades and increases income-generating capacity for families.

    PhotonBuzz.com is proud to bring to you the WakaWaka Power+ Portagble Solar Recharger, which also helps to support the goal and mission of the WakaWaka Foundation.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The WakaWaka Power+ Portable Solar Recharger is a sturdy, highly efficient and sustainable solar-powered recharger and LED light combo.

    Device provides variable light levels from super bright to low with LED brightness control. Provides from 10 to 150 hours of bright, safe and sustainable light after just one single day in the sun. LED light burn time on full charge = Super Bright 10 hrs at 70 lumen; Bright 20 hrs at 35 lumens; Medium 40 hrs at 17 lumen; Energy Save 150 hrs at 5 lumens.

    Battery: integrated 2200mAh, High Temperature LiPo rechargeable.

    Device has an integrated solar panel: 1050 mWatt 22% SunPower cell.

    Connectors include 1 Micro USB-input (at 0.5 A) amp; 1 USB-out (1.5 A)

    Light is derived from 2 LEDs, 110 lumen/Watt.

    Solar charge time for full battery charge is 12 – 24 hours. Device includes AC Power with 100% full charge ready in ~ 6 hours.

    Device has an auto energy saving mode. Light and charger may be used simultaneously.

    SOS emergency beacon.

    Indicators: 4 battery indicator LED’s, 1 solar charge indicator LED and 1 USB charge indicator LED.

    Devices power management is controlled by Patented Intivation SunBoost chip.

    Housing is constructed of 100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant, flexible plastic.

    WakaWaka Solar Lamp is UNFCCC compliant, CE approved, This product was tested and designed according to the Lighting Global Quality Test Method and passed the Lighting Global Quality Standards 2014. Final approval pending.

    Physical Characteristics: Depth: 3.1", Height: 4.8", Width 4.7". Weight: 7.05 oz.

    Packaging: Eco-friendly book packaging, tells the story of the mission, each package includes a unique Personal Give Code, allowing the consumer to choose where in the world their donation is sent!.

    Warranty: 1 year.