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Wagan Tech® Solar e Power™ Charger Solo

Wagan Tech®

  • The Wagan Tech® Solar e Panel™ Solo is a sleek, lightweight and "to the point" portable solar recharger for convenient backup power while on the go. The device features US made high efficiency solar cells that recharge its built in 4,000mAh Li-Polymer battery. Charge and power status indicators, as well as a charging cords are integrated onto the body of the Solar e Panel™ Solo. 

    The device is designed to lay flat and does not include a integrated stand (See Solar e Panel™ Dex). This is a very simple and straight forward solar recharger with no extra frills, but still a great device for staying charged outside and on the go.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Solar Panel: High-efficiency 5.5 V, 260mA solar panel (made in USA) integrated into the body of the e Panel™ Solo.

    Battery: Equipped with an on board 4000mAh capacity Li-Poly battery.

    Output: USB - 5V, 2.1A / Micro USB - 5V, 1A.

    Full battery charge through USB: 5 hours. Full battery charge through solar: 18 hours

    Input: USB - 5V, 1.0A / Micro USB - 5V, 1.0A; Solar Panel: 5.5 V, 280 mA

    Convenient LED power indicator light.

    Built-in 2.1A USB cable.

    Built-in 2.1A micro USB cable.

    Additional input and output ports on the charger's body.

    Device may be charged with sunlight or with a USB cable when indoors.

    Convenient carry hitch included on body.

    Dimensions: 2.6 (W) x 4.6 (H) x 0.6 (D) in.