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Secur™ SP-6001 3 Watt Solar Pack

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  • Compact, lightweight, durable and the smallest of Secur's™ solar panel rechargers, the SP-6001 Solar Panel Recharger with Smart Chip Technology is a portable and personal solar panel recharger that you use on a variety of smaller electronic devices in a variety of conditions. The SP-6001 charges any USB digital device such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, iPods, GPS, cameras, radios, and portable battery rechargers. It does so using a built-in female USB connector. The size of a large billfold, the light weight folding solder panels are tucked inside and the perfect solution for charging digital devices on the go. 

    Like other Secur™ solar packs, the SP-6001 also features a Smart Chip technology that controls the solar panel's voltage levels so you can charge all digital devices directly – including more sensitive iPhones, the iPhone 5 and iPads. On cloudy days the solar energy charging voltage will vary and some devices such as iPhone and iPad will automatically stop charging and will not resume when the power comes back. The SP-6001's built-in smart chip automatically controls start function with software and keeps charging your device all day long or as needed.

  • Additional Details and Features: 

    Solar Panel: Uses Monocrystalline solar panels 6.5V/3W.

    Panels are integrated into a billfold style foldable case for easy packing and carrying. 

    High Output for charging iPad or other larger electronic devices.

    Maximum USB Output: 5V/460mAh. 

    Smart Chip Technology: Built-in chip that controls voltage levels and more safely allows for direct charging of any digital devices, including iPhone 5 and iPads. 

    Built-in female USB port. Durable sun-proof UVB protective material, water resistant and built to travel.  

    Compatible with all other Secur USB devices for lighting, emergency radios, and cell phone chargers. 

    Two (2) Solar Panels.

    This device does not have an on-board battery for energy storage (available from Secur, or others). The Smart Chip Technology gives this device direct charging capability in the sun or other light sources.

    Folded Size – 7" x 5" Unfolded Size – 18.75" x 18" 

    Weight: 0.5 pounds.