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Secur™ SP-3011 Solar Power Pad 3000

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  • The Secur™ SP-3011 Solar Power Pad 3000 represents a slight twist from common portable solar rechargers. The device is an interesting, sleek single flat solar panel with an integrated on-board high capacity lithium battery which offers you a different kind of versatility camping, hiking or urban trekking. The SP 3011 Solar Power Pad 3000 can be used flat on any flat surface, hung from a glass or tent window to effectively capture light and charge your smart phone, tablet, MP3 player, GPS, camera or other digital devices on the go. The ultra high efficiency solar panel boasts a 21.5% efficiency with broad light spectrum provides up to four times the charging power of traditional solar cells.

    A true personal solar recharger, Secur™ has cleverly designed the SP-3011 to mount to a window or be placed anywhere in the sun to automatically charge the high capacity on board lithium battery. The device can be easily slipped into a bag or briefcase when you are on the move. USB connections means you can charge any USB digital devices on the go.

  • Additional Details and Features: 

    Solar Panel: One high efficiency solar panel for fast charging at 5.5V/600mAh.

    Battery: On board integrated high capacity lithium polymer battery at 3.7 volts and 3,000mAh.

    Inputs: USB input - 5V/1A, 

    Design Features. Window mount, sleek shape and styling for easy transport in a bag or briefcase.

    Full size USB port and built in micro USB for charging via any USB power sources.

    USB Output - USB Port 1 - 5V/1A.

    Body is water resistant and built to travel.

    Charging time via USB charger – 3 hours. 

    Charging time via built-in solar panel - 6- 7 hours under full sunlight.

    Dimensions: 5.875" x 7.5"

    Weight: 0.54 pounds (8.7 oz).