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Secur™ SP-2000 Digital Solar Radio and LED Flashlight

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  • The Secur™ SP-2000 Digital Solar Radio and LED Flashlight is a stylish multi-function emergency radio suitable for any emergency preparation kit or camping gear. The device boasts a convenient digital display and never needs batteries because it can be charged with a built-in dynamo, solar panel, external USB or AC adapter.

    With its diverse power source options, the SP-2000 also features the ability to charge cell phones and other digital devices, as well as a headphone jack for private listening.

    This is a great compact and versatile companion digital radio system that keeps you informed and energized and ready for anything.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The Secur Digital Solar Radio & LED Flashlight is a multi-function emergency radio with a digital display and multiple power options. Features on this device include:

    Digital display AM/FM radio

    3 LED flashlight

    Device is compatible with small cell phones, digital devices, Apple iPod,

    Certified CE and Green Compliant WEEE 

    AM/FM Digital Tuner

    Built-in Antenna

    Digital Alarm Clock

    Features a built-in low energy LED flashlight

    Device is splash resistant

    USB charging, crank handle charging, solar charging

    LED Charge Indicator, 

    LCD display screen

    Single mono speaker, one audio output port

    Full set of controls: volume, tuning, power, lighting, alarm on/off, hour adjust, time set, alarm set, minute adjust, wave band, background light

    Battery: Rechargeable Lithium (Li) 300 mAh

    Input Voltage: 5.2 V DC

    Power Source: DC Power

    Height: 3" Width: 6.3", Depth: 2.5"

    Weight (Approximate): 13.50 oz

    What comes in the box? Digital Solar Radio & LED Flashlight, USB Cord with Male USB Plug and Round DC Pin, USB Cord with Female USB Plug and Round DC Pin.