Portable Solar Electronics and Gear

Camera Bag with Solar Panel - 2200mAh Back-up Battery


  • Portable solar power is great for travel and remote photography and now you can securely carry your gear, DSLR, camera or other small electronics in a functional bag while at the same time adding a solar recharge to your internal battery via the integrated solar panel.

    This casual solar bag features a large main compartment with extra soft padding on the inside and a front pocket and two side pockets to easily store a mid-sized camera or lenses.

    A convenient shoulder strap is provided and thanks to its integrated solar panel, you’ll be able to charge all your portable electronic devices such as your phone or other devices with a mini USB port.

    This solar bag comes with a small 2200mAh back up battery adapter for you to store some extra precious juice in case you find yourself miles away from a plug .

    Made with 600D Polyester, this solar bag is durable and rugged.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Solar bag, solar camera bag remote photography, travel and other outdoor activities, is equipped with an integrated solar panel that produces solar energy for the battery recharger. 

    Solar bag is equipped with an integrated solar panel equalling 1.35 Watts of output.

    Bag includes an removable battery with a size of 2200 mAh.

    Solar bag is made of 600D Polyester, which is a thick an durable fabric.

    Bag Volume: 9269cm³

    Battery Output Current: 500mA

    Solar Panel Output Current: 225mA

    Product is imported.

    Battery Output Voltage: 5V

    Solar Panel Output Voltage: 6V

    Dimensions: Main product dimensions: 330x220x120mm (L x W x D) 

    Main product weight: 625g.