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PowerFilm® R-7 Rollable Solar Panel Charger


  • The PowerFilm® R-7 Rollable Solar Panel Charger is one of the smaller foldable solar charger products from PowerFilm®.  Like other PowerFilm® solar panel models, the R-7 is built tough and is flexible for a variety of outdoor conditions.  The R-7 boasts 7 Watts of power in a package that is still compact and portable.  The R-7 is ultra light and very easy to use.

    PowerFilm® integrated solar panels (thin film on plastic) are developed and manufactured with a proprietary roll process and they are truly rollable unlike other thin film technologies that are only somewhat flexible. PowerFilm® is made of silicon, a natural resource in abundant supply. These devices are free of cadmium, unlike some other solar technologies, and performs well in different environments, including hot sun, and does not suffer from wasted over-voltage.

    The R-7 Rollable Solar Panel Charger is a true solar panel and does not have on board power supply storage that you find in other solar re-chargers. When considering any solar panel charger, care should be given to review the adapter(s) provided and how the unit will meet your needs and charging configurations. We've provided some guidelines on the PhotonBuzz Blog for your information. 

    PowerFilm® has developed one of the most efficient solar charging panels in the industry. This sophisticated solar panel system is excellent for 12V battery charging (charging cord included), remote power for small scale HAM radio, cellphones, smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS units and portable battery power packs energy storage. Keep your camp lighting and other small electronics and gear energized with the R-7 and the Powerfilm RA14 - 12V USB conversion plug. 

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Solar Panel: Flexible rollable solar panel system. High collectivity in lower light conditions. Comes with the 7W rollable solar panel, 1 female car charger adapter, 1 15' extension cord with O-ring terminals.

    Battery Storage: No on-board battery. This is a specialized solar panel without and internal battery (sold separately).

    Accessories: This is a specialized solar panel without an internal battery. Other energy management accessories to expand the flexibility and functionality of the panel may include: The RA1 - 12V male car charger adapter, RA3 - battery charging unit; RA8 - 15' extension cord with alligator clip connectors; RA9 4.5A Charge Controller for 12V lead acid batteries; R13 Anderson Powerpole adapter; and RA14 - 12V USB conversion plug.

    Operating Voltage: 15.4.

    Wattage: 5W.

    Current: 0.45 amps.

    Width (mm): 368.3.

    Length (mm): 584.2 unrolled, 83.82 folded.

    Width (in): 14.5.

    Length (in): 23 unrolled.

    Weight (lb): 0.594.