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P3 Sol Mate Flip'n Charge™ Solar Candle

P3 International

  • Enhance your personal space and enjoy a beautiful, realistic candlelight glow from the P3 International Sol Mate Flip ‘n Charge™ Candle. Without the hazardous flames, unpleasant smoke or messy wax of traditional candles, this solar candle will create a pleasant ambiance on any outdoor patio or deck.

    Long-lasting, amber LED bulb “flickers” like a real candle. The perfect mood setting candle is usable outdoors on your patio, RV, camping trip or poolside for nighttime gatherings...indoors it’s the perfect mood-setting candle to enhance a romantic dinner or just to relax.

    The candle has a built in battery to store solar energy captured from the patent-pending solar panel hidden on the underside of the candle housing.  You charge during the day by flipping the candle over and then you flip it back over for lifelike candlelight enjoyment.

    The contemporary, frosted-shade design works with any decor, inside or out.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Unique solar candle provides realistic candlelight glow without the hazardous flames, unpleasant smoke or messy wax of traditional candles.

    Long-lasting, amber LED bulb “flickers” like a real candle.

    Built-in battery is charged by the patent pending solar panel hidden on the underside of the candle housing.

    This product is designed for outdoor use. However, when not in use the unit should be dried and stored indoors. Should not be exposed to extreme conditions (e.g. freezing) or damage may occur. 

    Packaged Quantity: 2 Sol Mate Flip'n Charge Candles per package.

    Light technical Information: LED Light Source with Amber color;

    Device includes integrated Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery. Battery Life is 8 Hours.

    Input Voltage 3.6 V DC Power from Solar Power Source.

    Constructed of Plastic with frosted light cover.

    Power Supply: 2.4V 80 mAh

    Dimensions (each): 3 5/8″ x 3 3/8″ x 3 3/8″ (HxWxD)

    Weight (each): 5 oz.