Portable Solar Electronics and Gear

mPowerpad 2 Pro Solar Charger w/ mPowerpack 50

Third Wave Power

  • The mPowerpad 2 Pro Solar Charger (6,600mAh) by Third Wave Power is a highly versatile solar charger with the power and portability to keep your devices going, wherever you are going.

    Featuring a highly large efficient 5.4W solar panel, mPowerpad 2 Pro captures solar energy remarkably fast to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras and other mobile devices. It stores plenty of power in its internal battery and its removable battery pack that you may take with you as needed. 

    More than just a charger, the full-featured mPowerpad 2 Pro also has built-in functions that includes a radio, reading light, flashlight, SOS signal, and insect repellent.  All of these tool and features are great for camping, hiking, remote photography and any other outdoor off-the-grid living.

    Rugged and reliable, mPowerpad 2 Pro is built to work in rough outdoor environments making it essential for anyone working, traveling or living in remote places.

    For more convenience and portability, the mPowerpad 2 Pro comes with a removable and independent mPowerpack 50 battery recharger, which is an additional 5,000mAh of battery power with its own USB cable.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Device is water and dust resistant, do not place in water.

    Battery: On board lithium polymer battery at capacity of 6,600mAh, 3.7V.

    Output: Device equipped with 2 USB ports, 5V up to 2,000mA.

    Inputs: Solar input is up to 1200mA, USB input up to 2,000mA.

    Internal reading light (35 Lumens) flashlight built into body of the device.

    Device has SOS signal capability, FM Radio and insect repellent feature.

    Solar panel is polycrystalline rated at 5.4W.

    Charging time from sunlight (17hrs) and wall socket (9hrs).

    Device will recharge smartphones up to 7 times. Also effectively charges iPods, MP3, MP4, USB cameras, GPS devices, camp consoles, Bluetooth® speakers and similar small electronics.

    Package includes the mPowerpad 2 Pro plus a mPowerpack 50 battery recharger (5,000mAh), USB cable, Lanyard.

    Dimensions (in.): 9.5" x 7.3" x 0.7".

    Weight: 1.6 pounds.