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La Crosse Technology AM/FM/WB NOAA Solar Weather Radio and LED Flashlight

La Crosse

  • The La Crosse Technology AM/FM/WB portable NOAA weather band radio is a superior product. The USA-made IC chip provides high quality digital radio. It features a higher output hand crank than other models with a 1 minute crank time equaling 30 minutes of radio operation.

    The device features a high quality solar panel with 1/3 more charging capacity. Brright ambient light maintains battery, while full direct sunlight charges battery for a full day of operation. It features a precise focus fresnal lens for high intensity light output in the darkest of conditions.

    As a charger for other personal electronics, the Mini USB input/output port charges a mobile device using the hand crank, or charges the radio with a computer or other USB power source. The on board 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery has twice the charging capacity of many other portable radios. Powerful, dependable and rugged with a rubberized low slip body, the La Crosse Technology AM/FM/WB portable NOAA weather band radio will exceed expectations.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The Barska® Winbest Portable Radio with Flashlight and Charger is a versatile device that requires no batteries to operate. It is the perfect accessory for camping, hiking, or as a back-up device for home, and is 100% waterproof.



    Weather Band: Receives 7 weather band channels
    Radio: AM and FM radio reception
    IC Chip: US made high quality
    Brushless AC motor
    Battery: LIR123A Rechargeable 3.7V 600mAh
    Hand Crank: Crank charge 1-minute equals 30-minutes of use
    Solar Panel: Power all day in sunlight
    Mini USB Port: Charge the radio with USB power source
    Charge cell phone/USB devices from the radio
    LED flashlight at the push of a button
    Audio out: Connect earphone (not included)
    Backlight: Blue changes to Red for Weather Alert

    Optional Accessory Pack Includes:

    USB charging cord for the radio
    Cell phone charging cord
    Three common cell phone charging adapter tips:
    Micro USB
    Mini USB


    AM/FM and Weather Band Selection:
    7 NOAA Weather Band Channels: 162.4000 - 162.5500MHz
    AM Stations: 540-1700KHz
    FM Stations: 88-108 MHz

    Power Requirements:

    Rechargeable Battery: LIR123/600MAH (included

    3 LED Flashlight

    AM/FM Radio and Weatherband Radio

    Integrated on board solar charger

    Hand Crank Charger

    Comes with a wrist strap

    Also includes a charging cord

    3 Adapter Connectors: Female USB, Micro USB, and Mini USB; Includes adapters that can charge most electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, GPS, Bluetooth devices, and more. 

    Device is 100% Waterproof

    Color: Red

    Included Accessories: Wrist Strap, Charging Cord and Three Adapter Connectors

    Dimensions: 3" (W) x 2.375" (H) x 5.75" (D).

    Weight: 1.0 pound.