Portable Solar Electronics and Gear

Eton SCORPION Weather & Alert Radio


  • The Eton Scorpion Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio (NSP100GR) isa compact and power packed essential piece of emergency and camp gear.

    Appropriate for your home emergency kit, the Scorpion is an "all-terrain" and multi-function unit that can be a digital radio, audio ling input and carabiner; digital AM/FM radio, and NOAA Weather band radio.

    The device has a built-in LED flashlight, large solar panel, crank powered, USB cell phone charger, audio line input (AUX) and is splash proof from all angles.

    It's rugged exterior is just that...tough and rugged.The Scorpion is ready for anything, and with the solar panel harnessing the sun’s energy and the crank option, you never need batteries and you'll always know now much power you have left.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The Scorpion is a multi-purpose light, charging and radio system that uses solar and crank power for energy in emergency and extreme conditions, but is also a nice tool as part of your camping equipment and gear. 

    Radio capability modes include: Digital AM/FM radio, VHF receiver, NOAA Weather band. Device can track 7 Weather Radio Channels.

    Solar Powered with large solar panel for its size.

    Built-in LED flashlight, large solar panel, crank powered,

    USB cell phone charger.

    Audio line input (AUX).

    Aluminum Carabiner.

    IPX-4 body Splash proof from all angles and rugged exterior skin.

    Battery charge indicator,

    Bottle opener.

    Physical Characteristics: Green color, 

    Dimensions. Height: 6.4", Width: 2.5", Depth: 2" 

    Weight (Approximate): 10 oz.