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Enerplex Packr Solar Backpack


  • The EnerPlex Packr Solar Backpack is a revolutionary 3 Watt solar panel integrated backpack for people on the go. Available in different colors (orange, gray, green). This light and flexible backpack is designed to keep your electronics charged, or to energize your portable recharge battery...all while on the move.

    Enerplex uses CIGS technology in its solar panel construction to keep the panel flexible and lightweight, yet still rugged for use during executive travel. This patented design is exclusive to Enerplex. If you drop it or drive over it with a car, the solar panels will continue to function.

    Appointed with side water bottle pockets and internal pockets for a laptop or tablet, this is an excellent entry level backpack for students an anyone seeking a basic backpack with solar energy functionality.  

    The pack is also equipped with padded shoulder straps and thoughtfully placed reflective safety strips for walkers and bicyclists.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Solar backpack with basic styling and functionality; flexible Enerplex patented solar panel is integrated with internal connectors.

    Solar panel is made using CIGS solar technology.  CIGS has the ability to place solar on a plastic backing. This allows the panels to be flexible, lightweight, and quite rugged. And this technology is patented so only EnerPlex can produce these panels.

    3.5 Watts of unregulated power. 3.0 watt and 5V regulated solar power.

    Backpack has a 30 liter capacity.

    Backpack equipped with strategically placed reflective safety strips.

    Output from the solar panel is 0.6 Amps (Standard Testing Conditions); 1 USB output port inside located inside the backpack for charging a portable battery or an electronic device.

    Solar panel charger can charge a variety of USB-enabled devices, up to tablets.

    Battery: This product is not constructed with an integrate or removable portable battery charger for energy storage (available separately).

    Manufacturer recommends charging a Jumpr batteries with the Packr solar panel chargers to collect a charge to power your electronics for later in the day, or when the sun is down. While Packr's can charge devices directly, we always recommend using the Jumpr batteries as intermediary charger.

    Device is water resistant. The panel and the USB ports have been waterproofed and could be suberged in water. Manufacture advises to before plugging in any device into the Packr, always let your Packr after getting wet. 

    Color: Black and Gray

    Dimensions: 12" x 7.9" x 17.7"

    Weight (Approximate): 1.8 lb.