Portable Solar Electronics and Gear

Champ Bluetooth® Survival Skybox Radio and Light


  • Being prepared is important and the Champ E-Prep Bluetooth® Survival Skybox Radio with Flashlight (model RCEP600WR) is an excellent piece of personal solar powered gear to put your mind at ease or for enjoying the outdoors on some down time.  With the Champ E-Prep Survival Skybox Bluetooth Weather Radio with Flashlight, you're just a little more prepared and ready for the unexpected situation and power outage.

    Whether you're camping or caught in a power outage, the Survival Skybox has everything you need to you keep you safe and informed. The RCEP600WR 
    includes a large digital display that provides time, calendar, radio station and temperature readouts. It also offers an alarm function with snooze and sleep options. The built-in flashlight can operate for up to 5 hours on a fully charged battery and can also be turned into a red distress signal to alert bystanders to an incident.

    For more leisure activities, the Survival Skybox is impressive with Bluetooth functionality to play the music you enjoy and/or the AM/FM radio stations. By placing the Survival Skybox in the sun, you can maintain power to the devices internal battery...and listening all day long.  All of the Survival Skybox features are built right in along with the added security of being able to tune into the NOAA Weather band radio. With a fold away handle and antenna, the Survival Skybox is an ultra portable for any outdoor adventure.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    NOAA weather radio; Stay informed of changing events during tough weather conditions with NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts. 

    Bluetooth® enabled for wireless audio streaming from a mobile device; AM & FM radio bands.

    Built-in flashlight and emergency distress light.

    Digital clock with calendar, temperature readout, and alarm function.

    Mini-USB, solar panel, and emergency hand crank recharging options for internal battery.

    Telescopic antenna; Fold down carrying handle

    USB output for providing emergency power to a mobile devices

    Ports: (1) Mini USB Input, (1) 2.5mm Power Output, (1) 3.5mm Audio Output

    Battery: Internal 1800mAh battery that may be charged from an AC wall adapter (Included) and a standard wall outlet. Also has the capability of battery recharging via the built in solar panel or by turning the integrated hand crank on the side of the radio. Both of these options are much slower, but offer they offer alternatives in an emergency, when conventional power supplies are not available.

    Mobile device recharging: When your mobile phone runs dry and you need to make an quick call or send a text, utilize your phone's cable to plug into the Survival Skybox and get a quick boost of juice. It likely will not fully recharge your phone, however, the Survival Skybox can provide vital talk time to help you get your message across in an emergency. However, device may not charge all brands of mobile phones. Necessary device charging cables are not included - use the cable included with your mobile device

    Output: Charging output is 5V±0.25. Make sure your mobile device is compatible with this voltage and device. 

    Dimensions: 9" L x 3.5" W x 7.25 "H (8.5"H when carrying handle is deployed)

    Weight: 2.62 lbs

    Warranty: One year limited parts and labor provided by Voxx Accessories Corp.