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Celltronix Solar Power Pack 2700 Recharger


  • The Celltronix Solar Power Pack 2700 is a small portable solar panel with a built-In rechargeable Li-Poly battery the can extend your phone battery life with up to 5 extra charges. The device uses its advanced solar technology that recharges its internal battery with direct sunlight.

    Perfect for business, travel or other extended periods away from a power outlet, the Celltronix Solar Power Pack 2700 is compatible with any USB-charged device.

    Your unit includes a small convenience light as well as a USB, miniUSB and 30-pin adapter for various electronics. 

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Built-in Li-Poly battery extends battery life & also consistently recharges by solar power.

    LED indicator light shows when solar power is being used.

    Device is very light, compact & energy efficient.

    Internal battery charges with included AC, DC & USB chargers.

    Includes micro USB, mini USB & 30-pin adapter.

    Dimensions: 3.1 (W) x 4.9 (H) x 0.7 (D) in.