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Casio 10 Digit Solar Powered Desk Calculator


  • Casio has made a really fun and colorful series of solar powered calculators that are long lasting and, of course, solar powered.  We think you'll like the MS-10VS and find it to be a reliable tool for all of your around the house, dorm, or office calculating needs.

    Check out all of the cool colors to match your home or office decor. The MS-10VS comes in Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Device is great for your desktop with an extra large display.

    Solar plus calculator.

    2-way power.

    Time calculation; Tax calculation.

    3-digit markers.

    Independent memory feature.

    Profit margin percentage key.

    Square root calculation.

    Change sign.

    Backspace key.