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Bushnell PowerSync™ SolarWrap™ Mini


  • The Bushnell PowerSync™ SolarWrap™ Mini is where "portability meets reliable power." The Solarwrap Mini is a cleverly designed portable solar recharger that collects solar energy from its durable and flexible solar panel and where power is stored in a high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable batteries integrated on-board the device. Clearly built for any level of solar power user, you collect energy, store it, and then charge as needed...it's that simple.

    Postion you SolarWrap Mini out on a sunny day and in no time you have the power to charge your smart phone, camera, practically any device with a USB input. When the sun is behind the clouds or not in the sky, use the high capacity Li Ion rechargeable battery on-board for charging.  You're ready to go whatever the conditions may be.

    The PowerSync SolarWrap Mini features 1 USB 5v output that can charge your smart phone, camera, practically any device with a USB input. The device's dual long life Li Io batteries may also be pre-charged at home anytime using the Mico USB input...after that, it's on demand solar recharging.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Solar Panel: Flexible rollable solar panel system.

    Rugged, waterproof design.

    High collectivity in lower light conditions.

    Battery Storage: on-board 2200 mAh battery.

    Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.

    Output: 1 USB 5V 1A output.

    Input: Micro-USB input for pre-charging with included USB/Micro-USB cord.

    Dimensions: 4.3" x 1.25" x 18.25" when solar panel is fully deployed.

    Weight: 0.2 pounds.