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Brunton Solaris™ 12 Foldable Solar Panel Charger


  • The Brunton F-Solaris™ 12 Foldable Solar Panel Charger is a midsized but compact/foldable solar panel charger that s a compact but still very versatile for powering a wider range of electronics and gear.

    Whether you take the lightweight, easy-to-pack Solaris 12 to the Himalayas or down that nearby dirt road on a camping trip, its efficient, thin-film solar technology lets you charge your gear without weighing down your pack. The Solaris 12-watt panel folds up to the size of a CD wallet and works in all types of lighting.

    The weatherproof design of the Solaris™ 12 makes this device usable in wet conditions and dry.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The next generation of Solaris foldable solar technology, the Solaris™ 12 is one of the most compact models in the Brunton line.

    Solar Panel: CIGS technology maximizes performance while optimizing portability. Multiple-section flexible folding panels contribute to the ease of storage and use. Device folds down to the area of piece of paper, about one-inch thick.

    Output: Max output is 12 Watts.

    Device may be linked up to two or more units together for more output.

    Ideal for charging cameras, phones, and music players, and for trickle-charging power-hungry batteries. Vehicle outlet adapter (included) enables you to charge just about any type of 12V electronics that have a car plug.

    Device works in all types of weather, even in low light conditions.

    Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse battery discharge.

    Overall dimensions when unfolded: 29" x 17.5."

    Shipping Dimensions - Weight: 1.56 pounds;

    Dimensional Weight: 1.07 pounds;

    Dimensions (approx. folded): 6" (W) x 3" (H) x 10" (D).