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Brunton Axiom Universal Battery Charger


  • The Brunton Axiom Universal Battery Charger (UBC) is a portable battery charging system that supports your essential electronics by keeping rechargable AA or AAA batteries charged and ready to go. The device connects to a solar panel charger (sold separately) or to the grid and charges the batteries placed inside the body of the device.

    With its adjustable charging prongs, the Axiom is able to accept AA or AAA sized rechargable batteries for recharge and use. You can also connect an electronic device to the Axiom for charging similar to a standard battery recharger. 

    The Axiom UBC is compatible with almost any removable AA/AAA battery for digital cameras and video equipment and other lights and gadgets.  

    The device is also able to be full integrated with Brunton's array of 12v solar panels, which means you can effectively keep your power-hungry gadgets up and running while off the grid. 

  • Additional Details and Features:

    Simple and compact design, the device is about the size of a smart phone. Device has door opening to insert AA or AAA batteries for recharging.

    The Axiom's adjustable charging prongs (the metal pads that contact the positive and negative ends of a battery) give it the flexibility to recharge AA and AAA size batteries for gadgets, camera equipment, and any gear or electronics.

    The Axiom UBC is compatible with most any removable battery for cell phones, smart phones and digital cameras. The device is fully compatible with Brunton's array of 12v solar panels and battery packs like the Explorer 20 or Sustain2.

    Charges any standard renewable AA and AAA batteries.

    Device is equipped with an integrated charge protection system to prevent over-charge and a reverse discharge diode that prevents battery discharge.

    Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 1" when closed.

    Weight 5 oz (0.31 pounds).