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4XEM Portable Solar Recharger (4000mAh)


  • The robust and sleek 4XEM portable solar recharger is a device focused on flexibility and your personal power needs on the go.  The device has an onboard 2600mAh lithium-polymer power bank with the capability to charge your 30 Pin iDevices and other mobile devices via solar energy or its computer USB port.  

    The 4XEM features 6 mobile-device connecting tips, an extension cable and USB port. The device is compatible with most Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, 30 Pin iPhone, iPod, iPad, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth, GPS, various digital cameras, PSP, various eBooks, tablets, Nintendo DS, Kindle, and other devices.

    The 4XEM uses solar energy to charge your mobile devices when a wall outlet or USB power source are not available. Fits easily in a backback or purse. Great for camping! When charging to any idevice, you can always trust 4XEM Connectivity.

  • Additional Details and Features:

    The 4XEM Portable Solar Recharger has 6 connectors including 30 Pin iPhone 4/4S & iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola and Nokia Smartphones.

    Solar charges most electronic gadgets through Mini USB and Micro USB.

    Battery Type: Lithium-polymer.

    Battery Capacity: 4000mAh.

    Voltage: Output DC 5V 1000mA, Max Solar charge: 250mA.

    Operating Temperature: 0°C-45°C.

    Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.3" x 0.5" (114 x 84 x 14mm).

    Weight: 6.5 oz (185g).