Portable Solar Electronics and Gear

Solar Product Recalls and Safety


At PhontonBuzz.com, we take pride in bringing you quality solar products that we believe are safe for you to use and enjoy for many years. At PhotonBuzz, presenting products that are safe is very high on our priority list and fundamental to our customer service commitment.

If you believe that a product sold by PhotonBuzz.com has a operational defect or has a condition that might make it unsafe, we want to know about it and would like to hear from you immediately. Please contact us tell us about the product issue and do you best to explain the condition causing your safety concern. Please include any photographs or other documentation that will assist us understand the problem(s).

Please include you NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PRODUCT NAME, with your correspondence. In topic line, please add "PRODUCT SAFETY" and send to: support@photonbuzz.com.

For general (not safety-related) product inquiries and customer service issues, please contact us at: contact@photonbuzz.com or via telephone at 1-888-684-1123.


If a product we carry at PhotonBuzz.com has a safety issue requiring a recall of the product, we notify all customers whom we can identify as having bought the product through our website or who otherwise can be identified from purchasing records. We also post notices on the PhotonBuzz.com Blog located on our website.

Many of our product manufactures have product registration procedures and/or online registration. We highly recommend registering your products if this service is available.  Product registration is another way you may be notified about product defects, replacement procedures from the manufacturer and similar information about your product.


As of November 7, 2014, we are not aware of any product safety recalls for products we sell.

We are constantly monitoring product recall information for you.  However, if you are interested in product recalls for solar products purchased at PhotonBuzz.com or other stores, you can viist the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at http://www.recalls.gov. or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website at http://www.cpsc.gov/en.