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Our Environmental Policy


PhotonBuzz.com is a website devoted to promoting and educating its customers and community about the benefits of solar energy as a viable personal energy option for our world. It intends to do this by introducing its customers to new and innovative solar products on its web store, but also by communicating and sharing information about the world of solar energy, the sun as a resource, and information about how personal solar power technology may be incorporated into our daily lives. In doing so, PhotonBuzz.com seeks to establish and sustain its own small but unique positive environmental legacy.

How? We are committed to minimizing our own overall impact on the environment, as well as encouraging and activating environmentally responsible behavior of our employees and business associates. Specifically, PhotonBuzz.com aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to minimize waste and to inspire public consciousness in support of solar energy and environmental sustainability. PhotonBuzz.com seeks to identify, measure and understand the direct and indirect impact of its own operations and develop innovative and realistic solutions for mitigating those impacts. It also complies with, and will try in some cases, to exceed any applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Finally, PhotonBuzz.com is committed to communicating regularly about new solar initiatives, success stories, new solar products to improve our lives. It also intends, from time to time, to talk about its own progress in implementing the policies and achieving the targets that it has established.


1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction - Reduce harmful GHG emissions by identifying the sources and implementing solutions, including source elimination, efficiency improvement, minimizing transportation and use of other fuels, and increasing the use of clean fuels in daily business operations.

2. Waste Minimization and Proper Waste Management - Minimize waste in our operations and business activities. Dispose of waste conscientiously and creatively by making "reduce/reuse/recycle" the standard operating procedure. Incorporate waste reduction into the design of our business activities, procedures, programs, and facilities; reducing waste through public information and suggestions to our customer community about end-of-life recycling for the products we sell.

3. Use of Alternative Fuels and Energy Sources - Promote the use of solar products large and small in an attempt to raise awareness and more comfort among the general public for transitioning to solar energy in all aspects of life.

4. Inspire Action -  Engage and inspire our customers and social media community, website guests, viewers, interested parties and business associates to make positive impacts on the environment. Integrate environmental messaging into our website, seek excellent articles and web content to tell the continuing store of solar energy on a variety of social media platforms.