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Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. We hope the topics and questions below will be able to assist you as you browse our store and consider making a purchase. This is a living and growing section of PhotonBuzz.com that is updated when we receive pertinent or regular questions about our store and shopping topics. Let us know of you have a question or need clarification and we'll add it here.

Table of Contents:

1. USA Shipping
2. International Shipping
3. Other Questions


Q. What are your shipping rates?

Our US shipping rates may vary from time to time, but we offer three shipping options. Orders of $100.00 or more receive FREE Shipping. We offer two flat rate options for shipping of product orders under $100.00.

Standard Shipping and handling (5 - 10 business days): $7.99
Premium Shipping and handling (2 - 5 business days): $11.99

Q. Do you ship to APO's?

Yes we do! Shipping generally takes about 20 - 45 days.

Q. Why don't you guarantee shipping?

We can only guarantee what is in our control. We place our faith and trust in our shipping providers, but cannot guarantee their performance.

Q. When I place an order, when are you going to ship my product(s)?

If the products are in inventory with us or a supplier, we strive to ship out products within 24 hours. It is quite common these days for distributors to NOT have large quantities of products in stock from the manufacturer, thus leaving the retailer (PhotonBuzz.com) with a backorder situation. If an item is backordered we will contact you to make certain you are willing to proceed with the backordered item. If so, we will ship the product out when we receive it. For multiple items (with one being backordered) we will work with you to either group them together and ship them out together unless requested otherwise by you.


Q. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. However, we do not direct ship. Instead, we have partnered with two international shipping services that our international customers will find very convenient and reliable. These companies are leaders in the field and our customers can establish a US address and we can send products that they purchase to them for proper international packaging and shipping. Our shipping partner are capable of coordinating package shipments to over 220 countries around the world. Shipping internationally takes time and special expertise. We see direct international shipping in our future, but in the meantime, our partners are true experts in international shipping. They use some of the best delivery companies in the business and we think this gives our international friends comfort and the most affordable service. Here is the link to our International Shipping Service Providers page for more information and links to sign-up.

Again, our shipping service providers are international shipping experts. We think that their expertise and willing to work with our customers for the best rates gives the greatest value to our international customers and friends. 

Q. What are your international shipping rates?

The international shipping rates depends on your location and the services you may choose from one of the international shipping partners mentioned. Our international shipping partners provide you with up to date information on procedures and pricing to get your package to your country and your front door.

Q. How does international package forwarding work? 

Sign up with one or both of our service partners and you will receive a U.S.A. shipping address. This is the address PhotonBuzz.com will sent your order.  Understand how the payment will work in the US with your new delivery address. You can compare the package forwarding services and select the best one for you. You will need to contact your credit card company and add your assigned address to your account. Doing so will avoid fraud notifications and problems with your order(s). Start buying and have your packages shipped to your new U.S.A. address. You shipping account (or account) will allow you to manage your shopping within the online application and safely and securely choose the shipping method and other parameters that meet you needs.

Q. What about duties and fees?

Due to the complexity of international laws and taxes, we do not include any of those types of fees in your order. You may be responsible for any local customs and duties on your order and we rely on the international shipping services you use to assist in these expenses, if any. We may be required by law to disclose the full value of the package contents and cannot alter this value. We're excited to guide you to one of our International Shipping Services Providers who can assist youoders. international shipping partners. If an order is refused, then you are responsible for the original shipping expenses, as well as any additional duties, fees, customs or taxes incurred in shipping.

Again, duties and taxes vary by country based on the type of products and their value. Our international shipping service providers provide you with tools and ways to estimate duties and fees. All you do is enter the relevant information and work through the costs for your situation.

Q. Are there items which can't be shipped internationally?

Yes, there could be. Restrictions will vary country to country. Do not order a products from PhotonBuzz.com or any other retailer without first checking into this question. You should check with your own customs office and/or take advantage of the information provided on our international shipping service providers before proceeding with a purchase.


Q. When is your order cutoff time?

We are working very hard to process and beginning shipment (whether US or International) within 24 hours. Orders that come in after 12:00PM EST may be pushed to the next business day. If we cannot fulfill an order within 3 business days from the date of receipt, we will contact you with an update and/or notify you of any options.

Q. Can I return products?

You can return products in accordance with our return policy and procedures.  Here is the link to our return procedures:  Returning An Item

Q. How can we reach a customer service person?

PhotonBuzz keeps open channels to our customers through e-mail, passive chat and active chat. All of these channels are available to you 24/7. Sometime in the future we will have active chat live and available 24/7, but in the meantime, you can post any questions to us and they will be returned as soon as we are back in the office or the following business day. All communications are read and receive an response from us.