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Combating eCommerce Fraud and Theft

Online eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds and with a growing community of honest buyers, there is also a small group of online buyers with fraudulent intentions. eCommerce fraud is a serious crime, affecting online stores and the honest customers alike. While PhotonBuzz.com works diligently to secure its shopping environment for our customers, the fact remains that among the various forms of eCommerce fraud, frivolous charge backs are often the main problem that merchants have to deal with. Frivolous charge backs occur when a customer orders, purchases and receives products, asks their credit card company for a refund, and keeps the goods and services. This is a form of theft.

PhotonBuzz.com takes theft of services and frivolous charge backs very seriously, and when faced with this problem, we will collect all the necessary documentation and paperwork, including proof of delivery, and submit this information to banks and local jurisdictions for investigation and prosecution. It is our policy to deal with cyber criminals to the fullest extent of the law just like any local merchant store owner would address a criminal walking out of his/her store with goods or services.

We know there are sometimes valid grounds for a charge back and we have convenient procedures for this situation. However, at PhotonBuzz.com,  we also believe strongly that almost any problem can be resolved with the help of the PhotonBuzz Customer Service team and without resorting to the charge back.

PhotonBuzz.com is committed to using any technical means and sensible purchasing policies to combat all other forms of fraud too. When a suspicious order is made, we will contact individuals directly pertaining to the suspicious order made on the PhotonBuzz.com shopping cart. We may require payment by an alternative means than personal credit card, such as a personal check or different credit or debit card.

And finally, if necessary, we use the complete array of security features supported by 3D Secure, AVS, CV2 and other fraud checking services, as well as those available via our PCI DSS compliance platform with Shopify, Inc.