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Thank you for visiting PhotonBuzz.com! We're glad you are here and we look forward to serving you and expanding your knowledge of personal solar, portable solar and solar energy in general.

When you're off the grid, away from a plug, outside and on the go hiking or traveling around the world, the last thing you want to be worried about is a low battery on your phone, tablet, sport camera or photographic equipment. Solar re-charging for personal use with your electronics and preparing for emergency situations is where we fit in. Try solar and stay on the go all the time.


PhotonBuzz.com is a unique online store devoted to portable solar powered electronics and personal solar powered gear. Our product offerings cover a wide array categories, brands and manufactures as we focus on personal scale solar powered electronic devices for outdoor and some indoor uses. At PhotonBuzz, you will find products that use light from the sun to for various purposes, but primarily to generate clean electrical energy for charging and recharging batteries, personal re-chargers, and other types of small and personal electronics and outdoor gear. Our products we sell are ideal for when you're outside, gardening, safety lighting, off the grid and where no plug is in sight. We've got your personal energy needs covered while you camp, do your duty as soccer mom, urban trek, hike, bike, photograph, site see, light your deck, enjoy the beach, prepare for an emergency, boat, travel, work and live the clean energy way.

In the new and exciting realm of personal solar power, we are doing everything we can to partner exclusively with manufacturers we trust and at providing some of the best products on the market. We have researched and know well, who offer some of the highest quality, most reliable and innovative products on the market. We think this will help ensure your complete satisfaction...and our reputation as a resource you can count on.


PhotonBuzz is a family owned venture owned by Michael Rimer. A "solar geek" fascinated by the sun and solar energy at an early age, Mike's has taken up his own personal challenge promoting and introducing as many people as possible to solar energy, personal energy management, and portable solar energy electronics, as well as nurturing a "photon buzzing" interactive social community of like minded sun and solar electronics lovers.

Behind the scenes, PhotonBuzz.com is always "a buzz" and a continuous work in progress. Consumer electronics and solar energy products are always changing, improving and being redeveloped. Each day and week PhotonBuzz is busy studying and searching for the most practical and innovate portable and personal solar product concepts in the market. We proudly feature and bring these products, brands and information to you at PhotonBuzz.com through our regular updates, news features, product listings and collections.

We know and understand how difficult it is to find products online with customer interaction and service that meets or exceeds expectations. After hours of research you have to ask yourself, “Is this shop for real and can I trust this website and company to deliver the product(s) I am expecting?” PhotonBuzz.com strives to describe all of our products to the best of our ability so there are no surprises later. We resell original (not refurbished) solar electronic gear from leading regional and national distributors and directly from products. We choose the products we sell based on our own formula so that we can weed out the less desirable versus only first rate industry leading products you can depend on.

The PhotonBuzz.com team wants to make sure our customers know that they can buy from us with complete confidence, security, and that they will be protected against any unforeseen problem.


PhotonBuzz.com is always diligently working to provide a pleasant shopping and learning experience for our customers. Your security and safety on the site is extremely important. Working with Shopify and our other ecommerce application partners, we are confident that your experience and any shopping transaction will be safe and secure. Our store technology is cutting edge and we are excited about the functionality and flexibilities built into our mobile store services and our Facebook Store. Our goal is to create and maintain a safe shop that is easy to navigate and allows our customers and visitors to learn more about personal solar energy and the sun.

We want perfect customer service, but the fact is that we are human. With this in mind, please always feel free to call us, chat live, or send us an e-mail for any reason related to our store, our products, your shopping experience or information you find on the store website. Again, customer service is extremely important to us and you can always expect to get a prompt response, friendly interaction on line and knowledgeable customer support that will work on answering your question or resolving your issue. Our live chat service can be found on the lower left corner of our web pages. Via telephone, our customer support number is 1-888-684-1123 and our voice mail system is functioning 24/7 if we are out. We can also be reached via e-mail at: support@photonbuzz.com.


PhotonBuzz's goal is much larger than just trying to sell solar "stuff." Through our Blog and social media channels, we want to get to know you and we are always learning and sharing information about the products we sell and the information and insights we learn from the solar consumer electronic industry. We're also interested in the sun, solar weather and other solar energy topics in general and we hope you are too.

Solar energy is not new, but it is definitely becoming more interesting, more pertinent, and clearly has the growing potential to do good. We believe that as more people around the world become knowledgeable and comfortable with solar energy as a green and viable energy alternative, our world may become a bit cleaner as a result too. Expanding energy diversity and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels at a personal level is a good thing in our view. So, this is an open invitation to join the conversation and share in the discussion. You might just want to share your art via Instagram or Pinterest via a photograph of your favorite sunny day, a sunny place, fun in the sun, or any time you are enjoying in the sun. That would be great too!

Our Blog is growing and is loaded with new information on a regular basis. It's located on the front page of the PhotonBuzz.com website (and on mobile). We think you will find it useful for learning more about personal solar, tutorials, product tips and advice, definitions, how-to advice, and other interesting articles, topics and features. Hopefully, when you search for your topic it till be there, but if not, let us know.

Check back often and your questions may turn into answers on our Blog and/or you will have another tool for making great purchasing decisions and to get the most from your solar products and gear when it arrives.

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Our store is open online 24/7 and we offer an efficient online sun desk service for your questions and comments. Support e-mail is: support@photonbuzz.com. If the live chat, chat messaging and support desks are not immediately responsive, which can happen when we're outside enjoying the sun, please know that we heard you and we will be back in touch shortly.


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